I teach creativity, leadership, and team-building workshops based on the principles of poetry, play, and improv to all kinds of audiences. 


for businesses

  • THE POETRY INSIDE YOU: How creative teams can get out of their own way and make amazing things: In this workshop, we address the judgement, fear, and other common stumbles that often stop brainstorming from turning into anything useful.
  • THE POETRY OF INSPIRATION: How to cultivate your next great idea
  • the poetry of flow states: how to turn every day into your best day

  • The Poetry of Networking: how to do better than your boring elevator pitch

  • the poetry of email: why the words you use mean more than you think



for creative GROUPS

  • Watercolor Poetry: Collaborative Writing and Creative Breakthroughs

    I will lead a lively and collaborative writing session that brings together watercolor painting, creative writing, and collaboration. Participants will paint, write, and work together to discover unexpected beauty and kick writer’s block to the curb. You’ll walk out with a watercolor poem of your own, fresh techniques for unblocking your creativity, and a new idea of what poetry can be.

  • The Poetry Inside You: How to get past resistance and let your creativity out to play

    If you are a poet, a writer, an artist, or a creative person of any stripe who has a lot of good ideas but struggles with getting out of your own way and just doing the work, this is the workshop for you. I will talk about how I went from being afraid to show my best poems to anyone at all to falling in love with writing poetry on the spot and under the gun, and what tools I use to let go and create. We'll all write poems as a group and on our own, and get the poetry inside you out and onto the page.

  • The poetry of Improv thinking: How to create outside of your head

    Join professional typewriter poet Scott Andrew James as he talks about how he flips the classic approach to writing poetry from an arduous, solitary task to a playful, spontaneous one using an improv mindset. I'll break down key techniques that you can start using right away, and get you writing your own instant poems individually and as a group.



for schools

  • "Why I Love Poetry/ The Poetry Inside You" Classroom Talk: I'm happy to come in and talk to your class for 15-20 minutes about why I love poetry, read some of my poems, and talk to them about how fun it is to find the poetry inside them and write it down.
  • Classroom Talk + "The Poetry Inside You" Workshop: This is a fun workshop I created for schools where I use watercolor, markers, and some group improv lessons to teach students the joys of writing poetry. I like to leave about 2 hours for this one, and everybody takes home a watercolor poem they wrote themselves (or collaborated on with a classmate).
  • "Poet in Residence" Program: For this I can be the official "Poet in Residence" for your classroom (or school) for a day or more. This means I would write live poetry on my typewriter for students (ex. at lunch and at recess) and give talks/workshops during the day (tailored to your curriculum needs) and potentially host an open mic for students at the end of my time there.