event poetry


Typewriter poetry is a unique, memorable experience that adds life, excitement, and laughter to all kinds of events. Everyone loves the clickety-clack of a vintage typewriter and the once-in-a-lifetime feeling of having an instant poem written just for them on the spot. In a nutshell, I take suggestions from event guests and write instant, one-of-a-kind poems, deliver an on-the-spot reading, and hand over the poem as a unique event memento to take home.



author coaching


I teach authors and publishers how to publish faster, reach more readers, and sell more books -- all while doing it in a way that feels good on the inside and stays true to why you wanted to write a book in the first place. I helped build the Brand Strategy department at Greenleaf Book Group, one of the most successful hybrid publishers in the country, and have spoken on everything from branding to crowdfunding at events like the National Speakers Association and O'Reilly Tools of Change: Author (R)evolution.



content strategy


Imagine if you could connect with clients & customers by speaking from the heart in clear, compelling ways. Creating or revamping websites, resource libraries, and presentations often feels frustrating, and my mission is to make it easy, fun, and impactful. I am honored to be cited on as one of "27 Masters of Marketing and PR Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From."