Welcome Magic Readers!

This page is for all kinds of cool stuff related to Whatever Magic You Need.

You’ll find…

  • Audiobook rough cut

  • Interviews with me from the 1,000 poem journey era

  • Poems read out loud & video experiments

  • Music inspired by the poems & other books I’ve written

  • Reader photos of #whatevermagicyouneed out in the world - the more whimsical the better!

On to the fun stuff!

With gratitude, playfulness, and love,

Scott Andrew James

ps If you get inspired by Whatever Magic You Need, send me what you create and I’ll post it here :)

Don’t have your copy yet?      It’s on Amazon     .

Don’t have your copy yet? It’s on Amazon.

My daughter Kaili having a snack and checking out the book. Have you tried reading yours upside down yet? #whatevermagicyouneed


From an interview series with my inspirational friend Jeff Leisawitz up in Seattle who is N.F.A. (Not F’ing Around) online.

Playing with the first poem in Whatever Magic You Need:

Rough cut of the audiobook… live from my makeshift closet studio :)


Greg Roffe wrote this wonderful song for the “Nice Job, Rain” poem. I still hum it when I read that poem.


A found poem…

This is what “Happy Hour” with a poet sounds like…

Music inspired by my first novel, Sidewalk Ritual

The full interview with Jeff